Few days ago I have made big step in our company history and added an open source repository to my GitHub account (we use CodeBaseHQ and private GitHub repositories for our clients’ work).

Pods Framework

The first repository I have created there was pods framework examples where I moved most of the code from previous tutorials – https://github.com/kamilgrzegorczyk/pods-framework-examples.

As my time is very limited and my work based on pods framework is just a few percent of my regular duties I thought that it will be better to give all of you a possibility to contribute. This way we will be able to keep everything up to date which is very important because pods are developing very fast and each day Scott writes something new like additional helpers, classes or functions which we can leverage in our projects.

Feel free to contribute and if you find any mistake or have a snippet to share – don’t hesitate to make a pull request.

LowGravity open source WordPress plugins

Pods are not the only reason for us to use GitHub. We are planning also to create few open source plugins and this way contribute back to the community which has helped us for many years. We would like to return the favor now.

More details coming next month, meanwhile please visit our GitHub repo at https://github.com/kamilgrzegorczyk/pods-framework-examples.

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Posted by Kamil Grzegorczyk Owner / Development