Article changelog:

  • [1 nov 2012] few new parameters and comments (items, filters, orderby and other)
  • [10 dec 2012] few fixes, new additional parameters for pods framework 2.1
  • [19 jan 2013] actions_custom update
  • [3 feb 2013] where clause
  • [3 jun 2013] restrict parameter

Pods_ui is a very powerful function which is responsible for building custom admin interfaces in pods framework 2.0.

Similar to pods_ui_manage from version 1.x this function helps us in building customized interfaces which fit our needs. The problem is that the current documentation is not up to date and all of the code examples are using deprecated parameters syntax but they are not setting $deprecated to true.

Also there is no distinction between deprecated and up to date functions – which means that we cannot build code which uses newest features and is 100% compatible. That is why I have decided to write this short article to help You with this task along with few very simple examples.

This article is based on pods framework 2.1 It will be updated whenever I will use new pods_ui features

Pods framework 2.x deprecated parameters:


  • title
  • label
  • label_add
  • label_edit
  • label_duplicated
  • columns
  • reorder_columns
  • add_fields
  • edit_fields
  • duplicate_fields
  • session_filters
  • user_per_page
  • user_sort
  • custom_list
  • custom_reorder
  • custom_add
  • custom_edit
  • custom_duplicate
  • custom_delete
  • custom_save
  • custom_actions

[/one_half] [one_half_last]

  • edit_link
  • view_link
  • duplicate_link
  • reorder
  • reorder_sort
  • reorder_limit
  • reorder_sql
  • sort
  • edit_where
  • duplicate_where
  • delete_where
  • reorder_where
  • search
  • disable_actions
  • hide_actions


Most of current pods framework 2.0  parameters

There is a lot more parameters, but they are not so commonly used and their functionality is not always implemented in 100%.  I will post updates or write new articles whenever I use more of them.

Simple example – default add / edit fields

Somebody on pods framework forums asked how we can add all add_ and edit_fields by default. Below you can find short example of how You can manage it in very easy way. I have also added few example uses cases of how You can customize it

Thank you for reading my article and if You have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

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