We’ve recently received an interesting project. The official website of Quinton Hosley was going to connect two personalities of the player. Quinton often referred to as The Terminator wanted both his website and logo to reflect his streetball and professional career. We were very excited to take on a project like that.

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Well for all of those that don’t know my father was often referred to as The Terminator during his basketball career. He was often called by a short “Term” and so when I started playing basketball they gave me a nickname. I was called “Term 2″; “T2″ or “Terminator the Sequel”. So when I decided to go with LowGravity for my official logo I had my T2 nickname in mind and I wanted to build around it. The guys created a logo for my friend Keydren Clark which represented him greatly.


I wanted to achieve a connection between street and professional/simple look. The ideas they provided we’re surrounded with both of those concepts. So as you know the daggers has been a weapon through ancient times. And knowing how important “The Dagger” is in basketball, I wanted to have it with me. And as you can see along with the dagger my other element is a circuit board. Just like Terminator had in his arms. Because I’m T2 and I’m Programmed to win!


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