The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot.

The same saying has been true to our online webpresence for a very long time.

We started working on our new portfolio around 8 months ago. Countless concepts made us feel unsatisfied and we’ve kept going through to new ideas. At one point Dariusz thought we would never finish up a new version of our website. It is true that you can do great work for a number of clients but you are your own worst client. We felt that way countinuesly pushing eachother to new ideas, grounds and solutions.

We wanted out new portfolio to be a breathe of fresh air to our work. Much lighter and more minimalistic than what we had going for years. Sole purpose of our efforts was to provide all of the clients and viewers with easy navigation and contect on all platforms.

With that said the vast majority of the development phase gave Kamil new learning grounds. A fully responsive website that will render properly on many devices and platforms was the ultimate goal. At this point as you can see the website is still in beta phases so we would be extremely grateful for all the comments. Even if they’re bad, take a shot – we are ready 😉

What was the most challenging aspect while creating a new LowGravity portfolio?


Kamil Grzegorczyk

about_kamil_smallI’m my own worst client nightmare so nothing is ever finished, nothing can be shown. Taking a “responsive way” of making this portfolio added a lot of tiny, small pieces which took me hours to make  perfect. I still would like to improve some solutions I’ve made ( like not using ems ) but I love the overall effect. I’m happy also that I’ve gained a lot of new experience which can benefit our further projects.

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Dariusz Ejkiewicz

about_dariusz_smallChallenging? I would say pretty much everything 😉 I think many designers approach the same problem. Designing for yourself shows that you are your very own worst client. Without a timeline set you try to redo each small detail 20 times. So even when we felt we were a week away from the launch in fact we had a long road ahead. The most important thing is that we’re done and all of you can already tell us what you think.


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